stay up with hugo best


“Incisive, funny, and tinged with melancholy, the timely novel follows two lost but clever souls desperate for connection."
Entertainment Weekly

"I was surprised by just how much Stay Up With Hugo Best sucked me in for the ride as it chronicled a complicated #MeToo situation between a young comic and the older, David Letterman-like former boss she once idolized...I found the whole book to be funny and relevant but also sad — and over too soon."
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A book so relevant, and yet so incredibly funny."
Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story and Lake Success

"Funny, sharp, and very fun. A contemporary story that follows a complex set of characters so self-aware that they become even more vibrant on the page.”
Weike Wang, author of Chemistry

"An older man, a younger woman, show biz, nakedness — but wait! This is the hilarious version with characters so sympathetic you root for them all, even the guy."
Patricia Marx, New Yorker humorist and author of Him Her Him Again the End of Him

"Somers sidesteps the predictable path the reader might expect this weekend to take, instead meandering into subtle, surprising territory. Within the strict temporal boundaries she has set herself, Somers depicts two equally lost souls unable to connect on a deep level. This is a winning debut."
Publishers Weekly

"A timely comment on sex and power in the entertainment industry... There are some great laugh-out-loud moments and one-liners, and the pace is steady throughout."

"Ingenious… With Hugo Best, Somers deftly teases out the muddled and sometimes inappropriate relationship men like him have with fame, aging and the women who get caught in their wake… Somers does a great job balancing June's competing feelings… Somers shines when depicting the little moments between the two, which are funny and poignant... Stay Up with Hugo Best itself never feels unsure: Somers knows exactly when both the laugh lines and the cringes should hit."
Shelf Awareness